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SimaPro, the leading LCA software package, can help you make your sustainable product development and sustainability goals measurable. You can use these metrics to make solid decisions to change your product’s life cycle for the better, improve your company’s impact or assess your supply chain.

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Increase your productivity with SimaPro. SimaPro is a convenient, cost-effective and time-saving tool to execute your LCAs and EPDs, all ISO compliant. SimaPro offers solutions to every department. Learn more about what SimaPro can do for you!


SimaPro allows you to model from a life cycle perspective. Build complex models in a systematic and transparent way using SimaPro's unique features. SimaPro offers modeling with uncertainty calculation, insight in unit processes, allocation of multiple output processes, weak-point analysis and complex waste treatment.


SimaPro is equipped with many LCI datasets, including the renowned ecoinvent v3 database, the new industry-specific Agri-footprint database and the ELCD database. SimaPro’s methodology is consistent and transparent, allowing you to easily zoom in on your results, throughout the different stages of your LCA.

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Many organizations struggle to find out how to make their sustainability efforts measurable, how to embed sustainability into their daily operations, and how to turn their sustainability initiatives into a competitive advantage. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is globally recognized as the leading method to measure product sustainability, as it is able to quantify a wide range of environmental themes and provide a deep understanding of impacts, from cradle to grave.

SimaPro is the professional tool you need to collect, analyze and monitor the sustainability performance data of products and services. The software is used for a variety of applications, such as carbon and water footprinting, product design, generating environmental product declarations and determining key performance indicators.

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  • Ecovane’s training and service was very helpful for my understanding of LCA from a holistic perspective. Although I have dabbled in LCA before, the effect of my work was quite limited due to my lack in understanding of various LCA documents. Ecovane helped me construct a framework for LCA and provided guidance for my future learning and usage of LCA.

    — LX Lie (Ms.)

    Dow Chemical
  • The Ecovane’s LCA with SimaPro training has benefited me greatly in relation to both my theoretical knowledge of LCA and practical knowhow with SimaPro software. The training covered the key concepts and points of LCA conduct such as goal and scope setting (functional unit, boundary, allocation) and impact interpretation so as to ensure the quality of LCA conduct and conclusions. Although I have worked with these concepts and methodologies before, I can honestly say 70% of my previous LCA understanding was unclear and 30% was incorrect. I came to the training with many questions and returned home with crystal clear understanding. I also benefited a lot from my discussions with Bill concerning the application of LCA. I appreciate and acknowledge Bill & Susie’s abundant LCA experience and practical skill with the SimaPro software.

    — YM Xie (Mr.)

  • We have been using SimaPro for over a decade now. Currently as a server application, which is much more convenient when you have several users. We often need to go deep into the inventory to see where specific impacts come from, with SimaPro this is possible. Also working with parameters makes SimaPro extra valuable.

    — Tom Ligthart

    LCA and sustainability expert at a scientific research institute


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